Allahu Akbar

Man. What an eventful past few weeks it has been.

As I’ve mentioned previously on Dethrone Mammon, social media is an area of expertise of mine, however lame that might sound. The internet is a very mysterious—albeit dangerous—place; the social media phenomenon happened to be on the cultural rise at a critical developmental period in my life, and I ended up getting involved with the enterprise in a pretty deep way.

Whereas I recognize that it’s ultimately not the most fruitful of endeavors, its glorious moments leave me convinced that it’s not something I can simply abandon. Rather, my struggle is to properly integrate it with my other interests, namely religion, music, and metapolitics, in addition to the myriad fields with which those three interrelate.

That said, I have perhaps gone a little overboard with my social media activity recently as per its addictive and distractive character, though not without some very promising consequent rewards.

There’s a lot to be said about what I’ve uncovered in the time since my last post and what it all means for the trajectory of Dethrone Mammon moving forward, but as per the title of this entry I’m going to focus on a number of matters relevant to the question of Islam.

Obviously, I am not a Muslim. But a co-religionist and friend I met recently, a self-described “Semitophile,” has demonstrated an interest in the religion that has in turn gotten me interested.

I’ve mentioned before how I’ve dabbled in National Socialist sympathy. Consider the following quote from Heinrich Himmler:


For those who don’t know German, the English translation is as follows: Islam is very similar to our worldview.

Beyond the doctrinal particularities of Islam and National Socialism, what I’m seeing here is a shared imperviousness to conceptual derangement at the hands of the Judeo-American World Order—at least on the exoteric front, that is.

To elaborate, given that the fullness of the truth is found only in the Catholic Church, one must conclude that both Islam and National Socialism are in service to the father of lies insofar as they repudiate Church teaching. Superficially, they pose a formidable threat to Jewish hegemony. But as per the thesis laid out in “We Are All Jews Now,” this threat is perhaps merely illusory; e.g., could the state of Israel have been founded apart from the unjust persecution of Jews under Hitler’s Germany? Would the Jews maintain their stronghold over American politics if it weren’t for the growing threat of Islam?

The main idea here is that a house divided against itself can’t stand. Despite their explicitly anti-Jewish orientations, Islam and National Socialism are perhaps implicitly Jewish insofar as they miss the bigger picture by neglecting to appreciate the role of the incarnation: The Jews are who they are because of their rejection of Incarnate Logos. Murdering them is itself treason to Incarnate Logos; taking such measures puts one in the unenviable position of being in an internally divided house.

Nonetheless, there’s something positive one can garner from an examination of the two schools along the lines of the exoteric imperviousness already mentioned. It’s about swag. In modernity, self-identified Christians tend to see the anti-Jewish swagger of the Nazis and the Muslims as a sign to stop being mean to the Jews, which often amounts essentially to a defection to the Synagogue of Satan. Obviously, such a disposition is contrary to the command of God. The trick is to hate the Jews in a way that accords with divine love; as I like to call it, Angelic Terrorism.

That’s why I’ve been saying Allahu Akbar recently. Literally, it means God is great, which of course is true. Connotatively, it scares Jews, homosexuals, and various other degenerates because of the violence towards them the Arabic words are associated with. Islam is the scourge of God. God wills the material action of Islamic terrorism as a chastisement to an evil world, but not the Satanic will of Islamic terrorists. The endeavor of Dethrone Mammon is to embody a similar materiality without succumbing to sin.

In previous times, this ideal was visible in the Crusader. Similarly, the book of Romans discusses how governments were once seen as vanguards of divine justice. Today, that situation is in many places far from being the case. Whereas countries like Iran and Russia and even some African countries indicate a glimmer of hope, not only do the prevailing regimes of the Western world not penalize crimes such as usury, abortion, or smut-peddling, they effectively sanction them by virtue of their flawed economic theories of social organization. Curiously enough, National Socialism was keen to this moral weakness which has only become more pronounced over the years, and Islam remains so.

The issue with them both perhaps centers on their incompatibility with the command of charity. When push comes to shove, a good Catholic must disavow the moral nihilism Islam and National Socialism appear to mask in different ways. But the deeper question that most “normies” of Christendom don’t care to answer is what that nihilism is saying: in a phrase, down with ZOG.

A desire for justice is described by Our Lord as an indication of blessedness. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with an eye for an eye; it’s that through human weakness that maxim often leads rather to more than an eye for an eye.

And so: Allahu Akbar.